Valuable Insights From The Gartner Peer Reviews Of Conversational AI Platforms

The Gartner Enterprise Conversational AI Platform Reviews & Ratings provide valuable implementation insights in terms of geography, company size & industries.

Cobus Greyling
4 min readOct 10, 2022


Gartner has two sources of information…

The first source of information is their research and analysis of the current market and how it might develop in the future.

The second source of insights are peer reviews.

Granted…peer reviews can be bias, as the reviewer typically might only have been involved with one implementation; and most probably with only one platform.

It might also be the case that positive experiences make it to the peer review process, with the vendor egging the customer on.

Having added that caveat, peer reviews hold interesting underlying information in terms of:

1️⃣ Customer size per Conversational AI Platform implementation…

2️⃣ Geographic representation of implementations…and

3️⃣ Industries.

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Overal Ratings

The graph below shows the overall ratings of each CAI framework. On the Y-axis is the number of ratings, from 0 to 80. And on the X axis the companies with their respective average score out of 5.

This graph correlates with vendor representation in the Gartner magic quadrant for CAI Frameworks with Kore AI, Cognigy AI, IBM Watson Assistant, OneReach AI, Yellow AI and a few others. However, there are some fairly unknown frameworks in Laiyle Chatbot and Ubitec.

Deployment Company Size

The company size of the deployment sites are also shown. Most deployments are in the 18 to 50 million USD revenue size. With Ubitec Bot Framework doing most of its work for Government Organisations and the like.

Boost AI seems to be excelling with larger scale companies, together with Amazon Lex, OneReach AI and to a lesser degree LivePerson and Amelia.

Deployment Region

North America and EMEA have a towering presence in terms of implementations. The platforms dominating in the APAC region are interesting, especially IBM Watson Assistant featuring greatly in that region.

Again Ubitec is the outlier with virtually all their work being done in EMEA.

Latin America is the most underrepresented.

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Deployment Industries

Unfortunately the trending industry is undefined with other, but it is clear from the rest of the data that the financial sector is the mainstay of chatbot implementations.

With services companies and communications following. Industries which seem severely under represented are:

  1. Retail
  2. Healthcare, and
  3. Media.

And, it needs to be noted that there are no entries for the construction industry.

Again lastly, Ubitec Bot Framework is the outlier which is focussed on one area of Government implementations.

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Cobus Greyling

I explore and write about all things at the intersection of AI & language; LLMs/NLP/NLU, Chat/Voicebots, CCAI.