Google Has Started To Open Access To Bard

The service is however only available for applicants from the U.S. and U.K. with a rollout to more regions and languages being imminent.

Cobus Greyling
4 min readMar 22, 2023


Google has made a number of announcements recently with focus on Generative Apps. With products like Google Vertex AI, Google Generative AI App Builder and the concept of Gen Apps.

As seen in the image below, users can ask Bard to generate a new response on a question…


Now with Bard, Google pitches Generative AI as a collaboration tool for humans.

A few key points to note:

  1. Access is limited via an application process.
  2. Bard is described as a lightweight and optimised version of LaMDA.
  3. Google states that Bard is grounded in “Google’s understanding of quality information.”
  4. Google is also pitching Bard as a “complementary experience to Google Search.”
  5. Obviously Google is trying to leverage their existing search prowess and describes itself as a trusted source of information.

Bard has a “Google it” button for users to check responses or explore other information sources on the web.

When a user clicks “Google it,” Bard provides suggestions for Google Search queries.


Below is an example of where a question is asked by a user: “Give me ideas on how to introduce my daughter to fly fishing”

What is interesting is that Bard is returning three different drafts with an option to view other drafts. Casting the net wide like this, affords Google an improved chance to get the answer right. Simultaneously the user can indicate to Google which answer is most appropriate.


Questions I have are:

  1. To what extent prompt templates can be used?
  2. Can prompt engineering be leveraged for improved results?
  3. Will Google Bard also present different modes, like OpenAI does?
  4. Will a ChatML like structure be introduced?
  5. Google states that “Bard’s ability to hold context is purposefully limited for now.” Can context be maintained by buffering a prompt with previous dialog turns?
  6. When will a Bard API be available?

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Cobus Greyling

I explore and write about all things at the intersection of AI & language; LLMs/NLP/NLU, Chat/Voicebots, CCAI.