Turning Unstructured Data Into A Conversation

Having A Conversation with Your Customer Can Be Hard

Down To Basics

Chatbot which is Contextually Aware

1. Context

This is the basic notion that any conversation has a specific context within which the conversation takes place.

2. Continuity

Conversations, and especially story telling was the first form of virtual reality; reproducing events of the past and bygone realities. Customers interacting with the conversational Interface might have contacted us in the past.

3. Capture

Again, in any conversation data is captured by one or multiple parties. One or more parties have certain objectives (data) they would like to collect with the conversation.

4. Directed Dialog

Any conversation is constituted by dialog turns, an interchange of words, phrases and ideas. In most cases the dialog is directed by one or more parties. The direction of dialog is crucial for any conversation so one or more parties can extract meaning, intent and information.

5. Modalities

Conversations between humans take place via various modalities or mediums. Conversations can be in person, video calls, voice calls, text etc.


I believe the medium impacts the message. So, even though the current functionality and persona is replicated on various mediums, the presentation will differ. This relates to the media options in terms of buttons, marques, images etc.

Contextual Entity Extraction

Service Design Fulfillment

Any product manager should be meticulous when it comes to Service Design, as it is ultimately the differentiation that will attract a client to your brand, as opposed to competitors and keep them on board.

Support Systems

What is the companies “North Star”? In brief, the North Star of a company focuses on the product and the core value it delivers to customers. The value customers receive from the product is measured by key steps in the consumer life cycle. Very often, the North Star is related to the acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing customers.

Form Filling via Conversation
Rasa Tensorflow Pipeline; Language Independent

Success Criteria — Definition

As a team, you want to design and create a service which is co-created by key employees and clients, and that connects to people on an emotional level, thereby developing into a service they love, that is interdependent and interrelated.

Functional Fulfillment

The initial functional fulfillment can be limited with focus on people interacting with the chatbot.

Nudge Theory (Sans Dark Patterns)

Nudge theory is opposed to dark patterns. It is the methods, often subliminal, used to nudge or move a customer into a certain direction.

The Nature of Conversation

A chatbot is a conversational user interface (Conversational UI) allowing your customer to have a free-text conversation with your organization and where elements are addressed, like:

  • Extracting meaning and intent from the utterance
  • Analyzing tone and sentiment
  • Responding in a natural language format.
  • Continuity / Vertically & Horizontally
  • Directed Dialog
  • Continuity: We as humans can have a conversation in the morning. And then reinitialize the conversation in the afternoon, this might be referred to as vertical continuity. But the conversation could have been in person the morning, and the afternoon over the phone, or via text/SMS. Hence the continuity is horizontal across modalities.
  • Directed Dialog: As humans we do not start a conversation with “ask me anything”. We have an objective, and a frame of reference for a conversation. We direct the dialog of the conversation to achieve the objection or premise on which the conversation was initiated. The chatbot has a frame of reference in which it can assist the customer. It is important that the chatbot understands where within that reference to direct the conversation.

Chatbot Persona: Anthropomorphized Chatbot

When it comes to anthropomorphizing (to attribute human form or personality to things not human) a Conversational UI such as Amazon Echo (Alexa) is a very good example. Google on the other hand, decided not to anthropomorphize its conversational interface in Google Home.

Modalities of Conversation

A conversation can be via different modalities. A text chatbot can be deployed across modalities in terms of:

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