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The Current Conversational AI & Chatbot Landscape

And How To Choose The Right Solution


Initially the technical and design decisions are easy. However, as technology grows and the chatbot scales, those design and technical decisions become harder and loaded with ramifications. Hence careful initial considerations is necessary. Especially if an investment is made; otherwise a prototype/test approach can be followed.

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3


As chatbot development frameworks move from a No-Code environment all the way op to native code (pro-code), the ability to fine-tune increases. And in most cases the barrier to entry also increases.
There is been much talk about the low-code approach to software development and how it acts as a catalyst for rapid development. And how it acts as a vehicle for delivering solutions with minimal bespoke hand-coding.

General Trends In Category 1 & 2

Overview Of Development Environment

Category 1: The Avant-Garde


Category 1: NLU /NLP Tools

Industrial-Strength Natural Language Processing

Category 2: Leading Commercial Cloud Offering

Category 2: Use-the-Cloud-You’re-In

Cross-Industry Trends

Chatbot Growth In Capability

Vertical — Technology

Horizontal — User Experience

The Digital Employee

Chatbot Offerings Rating Matrix

Key to Ratings
Chatbot Rating Matrix

Graphic Call Flow / Dialog Development Tools

Rating of GUI Form Call Flow Development & Editing


Natural Language Understanding Capability


Scalability & Enterprise Readiness