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NVIDIA Riva & Google Dialogflow

And What I Have Learnt By Building A Prototype


NVIDIA Riva, Rasa & Google Dialogflow

The Four Pillars Of Traditional Chatbot Architecture
The NVIDIA Riva & Google Dialogflow demo architecture.
Configuration 1: Riva ASR, Riva TTS, Riva NLP/U & Rasa dialog manager
Configuration 2: Riva ASR, Riva TTS & Rasa NLP/U, Rasa Dialog Manager

Riva & Google Dialogflow

Create a Google Cloud Project
Enable the API and save the connection credentials.
Follow the Set up Authentication instructions. When done, run the command and use the service account key file in your environment step in the Riva Samples container.
<Path to riva-dialogflow-va-temp>/dialogflow-weatherbot/
To enable the Inline Editor in Dialogflow Fulfillment, billing is required.
A screenshot of the chat interface with speech and text input and output.