In this article I refer to the critical nature of response times in voice conversation, which is not always the case with text conversations.

The quote below speaks to this danger of having silence in a conversation when it is the voice bot’s turn to speak….

The Incredible Thing We Do During Conversations By Ed Yong. The Atlantic. January 4, 2016

“When we talk we take turns, where the right” to speak flips back and forth between partners. This conversational pitter-patter is so familiar and seemingly unremarkable that we rarely remark on it. But consider the timing: On average, each turn lasts for around 2 seconds, and the typical gap between them is just 200 milliseconds — barely enough time to utter a syllable. That figure is nigh-universal. It exists across cultures, with only slight variations. It’s even there in sign-language conversations.”

NLP/NLU, Chatbots, Voice, Conversational UI/UX, CX Designer, Developer, Ubiquitous User Interfaces.

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