How To Design A Chatbot Without Any Experience

Here Is A Simple How-To Guide For A Running Start


IBM Virtual Voice Agent with Watson

The Four Pillars of Conversation

IBM Watson Assistant Dialog Response Types

Intent Discovery


Chatbot Contextual Simulation
IBM Watson Assistant — Testing Contextual Interface


Directed Dialog

Identify Your Domain

Identify Your Intents

Annotate Intents with Contextual Entities
Chatbots: Multiple Entities per Intent

Identify Your User Utterances

Identify your entities

IBM Watson Assistant~ Annotate & Create Contextual Entities

Lastly, Anthropomorphize

IBM Virtual Voice Creator (Demo 3 of 3)

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NLP/NLU, Chatbots, Voice, Conversational UI/UX, CX Designer, Developer, Ubiquitous User Interfaces.

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