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General Chatbot Trends, Cross-Industry Similarities & Fine-Tuning

And What Elements Constitute Chatbot Fine-Tuning

For Starters, What is Fine-Tuning?

As chatbot development frameworks range from a No-Code environment all the way up to native code (Pro-Code), the ability to fine-tune increases. And in most cases the barrier to entry also increases.
There is been much talk about the low-code approach to software development and how it acts as a catalyst for rapid development. Also how it acts as a vehicle for delivering solutions with minimal bespoke hand-coding.

General Chatbot Trends

Initially the technical & design decisions are easy. However, as technology grows and the chatbot scales, those design & technical decisions become harder and loaded with ramifications. Hence careful initial considerations are necessary. Especially if an investment is made; otherwise a prototype/test approach can be followed.

Cross-Industry & Technology Trends

Chatbot Growth In Capability

Vertical — Technology

Horizontal — User Experience

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