• K Bro

    K Bro

  • Bernardt Duvenhage

    Bernardt Duvenhage

    Feersum Engine NLP & Machine Learning Lead at Praekelt Consulting, Toronto Area, Canada.

  • Arun Rajendran

    Arun Rajendran

    Lead Machine Learning Engineer focused on NLP. I hope to write articles on Machine learning, travel, personal finance and investment.

  • Andy Moorhouse

    Andy Moorhouse

  • Dan Jay

    Dan Jay

  • Andrew Childs

    Andrew Childs

    Your self-fuelled autodidact foodie digital marketing his way to outsourced business providing freedom of time and place.

  • ArtificialChat


    ArtificialChat specializes in the creation of AWS LEX Enterprise Chatbots. Our latest chatbot is at aws.glossary.chat also visit us at artificial.chat

  • Asen Petrov

    Asen Petrov

    Unfortunately, life is not always the way we do it !?

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