Considerations For Chatbot Migration from Amazon Lex to Rasa

And Using The Migration Process As An Opportunity for Chatbot Improvement


Migration of a chatbot or any Conversational AI/UI environment is not something which will happen often. Invariably during the initialization of the chatbot process, organizations opt for a familiar and mainstream solution technology.

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Amazon Lex Listed Under The Machine Learning Services on AWS.
  • Some cloud providers charge per functionality added.
  • Lack of collaboration tools.
  • Waiting & being dependent on cloud providers to roll out required features and functionality.
  • Introduction of languages and vernacular.
  • Difficulty in offsetting cost with savings or revenue from the chatbot.
  • The challenge with the big cloud NLU/NLP solutions will always remain the issue of protection of personal information and control of data.

Lex Architecture

There are two general approaches to chatbot architecture. The first being a situation where the elements are combined and cannot be decomposed.

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Rasa architecture with the Amazon Lex approach overplayed. With the script being the notable exception.


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Amazon Lex: Adding A New Intent
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Amazon Lex: Sample Utterances Can Be Added For Intents


Firstly, if intents are the verbs, entities are the nouns. In the case of a travel chatbot, entities will be dates, places, modes of transport etc. Lex does not refer these nouns as entities; but rather slots.

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Entity slots are color coded and contextually defined.


The script for the chatbot will mostly be defined within Lex, and ample provision is made for confirmation prompts, follow-up prompts, and final prompts.

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Testing basic dialog within the Amazon Lex console.

Dialog Management

The dialog flow (also known as state management or dialog management) is analogous to how Microsoft LUIS fits into the Microsoft bot framework.

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The Business Logic Required To fulfill the User’s Intent
Chatbot Using Amazon Lex & Lambda Functions


Let’s look at the migration process in two parts:

  • Dialog


Before you export the Amazon Lex bot, you need to ensure that it is built and published within the console. If not, the elements you see in the console might not reflect in the JSON export file.

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Ensure the bot is built and published to ensure all changes are reflected in the exported JSON
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Exporting Amazon Lex bot from the AWS console
"I am getting the car in {PickUpCity} on {PickUpDate} and dropping at George. I am {DriverAge} and I want {CarType}",
"I will be getting the car in {PickUpCity} on {PickUpDate} and dropping at George. I am {DriverAge} and I want {CarType}", "I will pick up the car in {PickUpCity} on {PickUpDate} and return it at George. I am {DriverAge} and I want {CarType}", "I am getting the car in {PickUpCity} on {PickUpDate} and dropping at Cape Town."],
"Book a hotel",
"I want a make hotel reservations", "Book a {Nights} night stay in {Location}"],

{"name":{"value":"full size","synonyms":[]}},

Dialog Management

The chatbot elements which falls outside of NLU will have to be approach based on the methods employed. It can be assumed that for an Amazon Lex chatbot, the dialog, context and integration portions will most probably vest in a AWS Lambda function.

Slots & Forms

With Amazon Lex, slots/entities can be set to mandatory and individual prompts can be set to solicit a response from the user. It all depends on how these individual prompts are employed in your Lex bot.


The upside is that intents and training examples can easily be migrated to Rasa. From an entity perspective, the data is available, with some effort it can also be migrated.

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