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And How To Add User Sentiment Classification To A Chatbot

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And Why still Bother With Other Frameworks & Environments?

Since OpenAI made text processing available with GPT-3, the question have been asked, is this the ultimate and only interface you will ever need to create a Conversational AI interface, or chatbot?

Why still bother with other frameworks and environments?

Yes, there are instances where GPT-3 can be used in a standalone mode. For instance; a mood-to-color chatbot, a fun and sarcastic chatbot, a friend like chit-chat bot, general open domain conversations etc.

However, currently, GPT-3 has minimal capacity for supporting fine-tuning projects.

GPT-3 is working on building a self-serve fine-tuning endpoint that will make this feature accessible to all…

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Having A Conversation with Your Customer Can Be Hard

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Provide Search Documents Or Use GPT-3 Default Search

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And What Tools Are At Your Disposal…

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And Why It’s Not The Solution For All Conversational Problems…

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